Packaging make your product shine

From different shapes and materials to visual styles and shipping requirements – packaging design is a very broad term that has a significant influence on your business.

Imagine the following situation:

You’re in a shopping alley, trying to decide on a box of chocolates for your Mum on her birthday.

There are dozens of possible choices – round boxes, small packages, cans and many more designs that all whisper “buy me”.

Will you scrutinize the ingredients of every piece in every box available? Compare the amounts of calories per box?

Probably not.


You’d get something that looks appealing. Plain and simple. A box of chocolates that will look beautiful and bring a smile on her face.

You face this shopper’s nightmare on a regular basis. And frankly, your choice is often dependent on the design of the packaging. It’s the design of the chocolate box that attracts your attention and makes up for a gift itself. It could be a logo, an elegant appearance or an unusual shape that caught your attention and led to you buying that particular box.



Packaging Design Portfolio


Rawvelo, Love Bears, Love Energy Drink

What We Did

Design, Hi-Fi Mockups, Photography, Image Editing

Rawvelo products range

Sports fuelled by nature, London based brand

Working with Rawvelo client was inspiring. Organic, vegan, natural products for high end sportsman’s, and biking culture.

Our longest client, we started from Logo and branding, and end up designing complete range of products: Organic Bars, Hydrating drink mixes, Energy Gels.

Gummy bears for adults

German based company creating Love Bears for lovers

Love bears is a client producing the first candy for adults, potency enhancement. The bottle is filled with delicious gummy bears.

Love Energy Drink

Energy drink with a social mission

This is a natural energy drink company, based in Germany. Part of every drink purchase is going into social projects around the world. From preserving nature, to helping poor in Africa.